Wednesday, August 10, 2011

More brick walls

I guess I should have known that taking the Vit D supplement capsules would cause me grief. I drove to Melbourne the day before my appt with a dietician at SW. As I was preparing to leave the motel the next morning, to drive the short distance to the appt, I had a major D episode - the first since February. I know I hadn't eaten anything which might cause this and I was extremely upset about it. By the time I got to SW, I was very emotional and I am sure the dietician thought I am a head case. She suggested that I would benefit from seeking counselling and told me that SW was not able to help me any further. I was pretty disappointed with this outcome ... as well as embarrassed ... but there's no doubt that she was not seeing me at my best. Both experiences were humiliating.
I have decided to try again with the Vit D supplement but am only taking one every second day. Let's see what happens! I also have some Digest Spectrum, which I believe I will try during the coming weekend. I have regressed in the past 2 weeks, which is very disappointing.
Thankfully I have had some success in changing the appointment I made 5 weeks ago to see an allergist. I will now be seeing him on September 6th. My original appt was not until 14 November!! Today I had a light bulb moment - I thought I could eat a limited range of dry biscuits, but realised that one type has a sprinkle of sesame seeds on top ... maybe I am a head case after all. Any hoo, I've just eaten 2 ... I wonder what reaction I might have, if any?
I'd been away from home for almost a week & my veggie garden has grown significantly in that time due to the very unseasonal warm weather we had, followed by lovely heavy rain. Some of the Bok Choy is almost ready and the Swiss Chard is growing fast. The potatoes had also pushed their leaves up through the second layer of compost, so they have now been covered with a final layer. The worms are about six times bigger - they are fat and very healthy looking. What a great feeling of satisfaction. At least some things are successful .......