Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Digest Spectrum update

In the week leading up to Christmas, 2011, I lost my will power. I ate some things I knew I shouldn't have and I paid big time! I was sick for about 4 weeks ... all for the sake of one small Vanilla Slice! Around the same time, I also became less diligent about taking one DS with every meal. As a result, a few of my most difficult symptoms returned. These were severe reflux during the night, burning mouth & gut .. as well as loose BMs and urgency. Now that I am back on track and remembering to take one DS capsule with every meal, those symptoms have again been resolved. I feel reasonably OK again, thanks to Digest Spectrum.
I've had some further communication with Enzymedica in the U.S. about Digest Spectrum being available in Australia. I was told a supplier has still not been sourced, but that DS is now available in New Zealand. The supplier is:
They don't appear on the website yet. Contact naturalmeds direct.
The cost of a bottle of 30 capsules is $NZ25.40 ... which is $AUD19.75
Direct from Enzymedica, 30s bottle costs $USD14.98 ... which is $AUD13.90
Please note: these conversions are correct on 29 Feb 2012

Sunday, February 5, 2012

SCD Yoghurt

The right yoghurt helps to control SIBO and since I've been making and eating Elaine Gottschall's magic potion, my SIBO is mostly a thing of the past. I use UHT lactose free milk...because I'm lazy! LOL The great thing about this yoghurt is that the curds & whey separate. The casein is found in the whey which you simply pour off. Voila! Now the yoghurt is both lactose and casein free.
Here's a link to Elaine's BVC website where you'll find instructions:
I eat the recco'd 'cup' a day and usually add some FM safe berries - just a few.
I also found a great Australian site where you can buy supplies for making SCD (and other) yoghurts. There are detailed instructions for making all sorts of yoghurts:
Valerie's Blog is also an excellent read and she keeps it up-dated: