Sunday, February 5, 2012

SCD Yoghurt

The right yoghurt helps to control SIBO and since I've been making and eating Elaine Gottschall's magic potion, my SIBO is mostly a thing of the past. I use UHT lactose free milk...because I'm lazy! LOL The great thing about this yoghurt is that the curds & whey separate. The casein is found in the whey which you simply pour off. Voila! Now the yoghurt is both lactose and casein free.
Here's a link to Elaine's BVC website where you'll find instructions:
I eat the recco'd 'cup' a day and usually add some FM safe berries - just a few.
I also found a great Australian site where you can buy supplies for making SCD (and other) yoghurts. There are detailed instructions for making all sorts of yoghurts:
Valerie's Blog is also an excellent read and she keeps it up-dated:

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  1. I don't have a mechanical yoghurt maker, just one of those ones that has hot water sitting around the outside. Would the SCD method still work for this?